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Lindsey from kiddiegardens.com
April 15th, 2011 at 11:51 pm


you could maybe add some more interest and focal points with container plants and/or sculptures. Am thinking different levels, so have a pot with some really bright flowers or a plant with interesting leaves placed in a pot higher up than the ‘boring’ plants below.

There are also lots of smaller trees and bushes with lovelyfoliage which could add interest (try some of the acers – red leaves maybe, or pink turning green).

Containers themselves could add interest; paint an old barrel an bright colour and pop brightly coloured bedding plants in it or a bush with dark green foliage. Generally play around with pots at different heights.

Statues positioned in odd, unexpected corners or some small waterfeature. Break the view up with paths which squiggle round the garden instead of straight lines – stepping stones are cheap and easy to put down.

Basically just introduce different textures, shapes and heights and the odd unexpected item – you can go down your local junk yard for inspiration or so an image search online for ‘interesting garden design’.

Good Luck!


Beds that sharply curve are much more interesting than straight beds. I like a kidney bean or “S” shape. Add a row of annuals or geraniums in one color to accentuate the line of the bed. I actually like the look of black wood chips under bushes and around flowers. I got mine at Home Depot but they have them at Lowes too. They look much classier than regular wood chips.

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